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Could Oklahoma State’s Mason Rudolph be the Arizona Cardinals answer at quarterback?

Could the Okie State starter be the key to the Cardinals quarterback issues?

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Oklahoma State Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Won't you guide our sleigh tonight...

The Cardinals have been paying special interest in Oklahoma St. QB Mason Rudolph. They have been sending scouts to every one of his games.


* All-time leading passer at Oklahoma St.

* Good size at 6-4, 230.

* Pocket passer who moves his feet to buy time in pocket.

* Spreads the ball around---has an All-American WR in James Washington.

* 2017 Stats: 3,690 yds, 64.8%, 10.2 ypa, 30 TDs, 7 ints., 15 sacks.

* Carrer Stats: 12,404 yds, 63.4%, 9.4 ypa, 85 TD, 24 ints., 84 sacks.

* Very productive in vertical style passing game (which the Cardinals under BA covet).

* Well spoken, very dedicated, has leadership qualities.

Question Marks:

* Some scouts question his arm strength. Some see it as little above average.

* Lack of mobility---85 sacks in career.

* Throws a high number of 50/50 balls.

* Throws off back foot at times under pressure.

Some say Rudolph has Tom Brady type skills, the way he can shift his feet in the pocket and throw quick darts over the middle and up the seams. Others compare him to former Cowboy Brandon Weeden (whose NFL career has been a disappointment) because he has been a little too deliberate at times and thereby, because of a lack of mobility, is sack prone.

In some early mocks thus far he is projected in the top 12, while in most early mocks he is a Day 2 pick.

I think that when all is said and done, Rudolph will go in the top 10 of the draft.

Take a look at his most recent game versus Iowa St. where he brought the Cowboys back from a 14 point deficit. Iowa St. has one of the better defenses in the country.

Scroll down and watch the tape of all his completions. It's worth a good look. Rudolph is very impressive in this game---buys good time with his feet, shows poise, sets his feet up well in most cases, is accurate off a smooth release, extends plays like the TDs to WR Ateman, and has very good vision.

While I am enamored with the mobile QBs in this draft, I can see why the Cardinals have interest in Rudolph. There is a lot to like about this record-setting Cowboy.