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Baker Mayfield, Calvin Ridkey and the risers of the 2018 NFL Draft

Check out the newest 2018 NFL podcast.

NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Oklahoma Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Draft Breakdown podcast was back this week and we had a great show for you.

Baker Mayfield Cookin’ - Can anyone slow him down?

How important is it for him to make the playoff?

Is height and/hand size a potential deal-breaker?

Is the QB class growing on us?

Lamar vs his comps (Vick, Cunningham, RG3, Watson, maybe Manziel?) and aren’t these guys hard to stop?

Is Ryan Finley a true riser?

Minkah Fitzpatrick - CB or S, and is this a Jalen Ramsey situation?

Week 11 risers

Leon Jacobs of Wisconsin

Mike Weber of Ohio State

Josh Jackson of Iowa

Calvin Ridley of Alabama

Week 12 Preview

Mercer at Alabama - Just kidding

Citadel at Clemson - SERIOUSLY, what is this?

Nebraska at PSU - Barkley struggling the last three games.

UCLA at USC - Rosen vs Darnold will get the hype, but is Ronald Jones the best player in this game?

All of that and a return of the hot takes on the newest episode of the Draft Breakdown podcast.