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Blaine Gabbert to start against the Houston Texans on Sunday

The Arizona Cardinals will start Blaine Gabbert on Sunday.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals Practice Tom Tingle-USA TODAY Sports

The wait is over.

The Blaine Gabbert era is upon us.

For many, this is what they have been waiting for since the Carson Palmer injury.

For others, this is a fantastic highlight of how strange this season has been.

Bruce Arians announced that the Arizona Cardinals will start Blaine Gabbert this Sunday as they visit the Houston Texans.

This is Gabbert's first start in over a year and obviously his first career start with the Arizona Cardinals.

In fact, Gabbert hasn't won a game since September of 2016.

His last 13 starts, Gabbert is 4-9, but his numbers are not awful.

He completed 60% of his passes for nearly 3000 yards, 16 touchdowns and 13 interceptions.

Bruce Arians said it best though… he's played on some shitty football teams.

Maybe this is the chance Gabbert needs.

Arizona Cardinals fans can only hope.

Good luck this weekend, Blaine, we're all rooting for you