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2017 Week 11 TV Maps

All the NFL games on Sunday and whether or not you can watch them.

Oakland Raiders v New England Patriots Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

It is week 11 of the NFL season, which means the playoff race is coming into focus.

That focus is... There are about 20 teams with a shot to make the playoffs record wise and maybe four teams good enough to make a run in the playoffs.

That doesn’t mean there will not be some good games this weekend to enjoy.

CBS Early Game

If you are local, you get the Ravens and Packers as your alternative to enjoying the Arizona Cardinals and Houston Texans.

That is maybe the best game of the bunch with the brutal seasons coming out of the Giants and Browns.

CBS Late Game

The late CBS game, the only game on in the afternoon if you are in Arizona with no access to DirectTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket, will be the Patriots and Raiders playing in Mexico City.

Imagine being one of the poor souls that has to watch the Bengals and Broncos game.

Fox Single Game

What games will you be watching?