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Twitter reacts to Blaine Gabbert’s play against the Houston Texans

Blaine Gabbert was on fire early and then struggled late in the Arizona Cardinals loss to the Houston Texans.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Houston Texans Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Blaine Gabbert experience was exactly what we all expected.

It started with a nice game, but then ended with a thud as Gabbert tried and failed to bring the Arizona Cardinals back from a deficit that he didn’t put the team in.

In those waining moments, the Gabbert haters saw what they expected, which was a bad performance and off the target throws.

However, much of that was because Gabbert had been doing a nice job and his wide receivers had dropped several easy catches that then made the Gabbert needing to make plays have to happen.

Here is what Twitter thought of the first game of the Blaine Gabbert experience with the Arizona Cardinals.

That was when Gabbert had thrown his third touchdown of the day... Then things went a little south.

It wasn’t all on Gabbert though and anyone that tells you different wasn’t watching, however, when the game was in the balance, Gabbert did throw a back breaking interception.

What did you think of Gabbert’s performance?