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Arizona Cardinals vs Jacksonville Jaguars preview, podcast and more

Rise Up, See Red and talk about the Arizona Cardinals.

Arizona Cardinals v Houston Texans Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

The unthinkable has happened. The Arizona Cardinals lost two games in a row and are staring down the barrel of a bonafide losing streak.

But first, on the newest episode of the Rise Up, See Red Podcast, Jess and I take a look at what happened in the Houston Texans game.

We discuss Gabbert and his efforts. We discuss what Budda Baker did and why it makes him being on the bench for basically 9 games so baffling.

From there, we wrap up the Texans game and delve into the Jacksonville Jaguars.

It isn't a pretty episode, but there is a lot of great conversation to be had.

Here are the timestamps for the different topics we discuss.

(4:40) How the Blaine Gabbert experience went after one game?

(18:39) Budda Baker’s impact in his first start

(25:24) Ricky Seals-Jones’ play and role moving forward

(30:53) Bruce Arians’ call, taking the blame and recanting

(41:25) The woes with the running game

(46:55) Wide receiver problems, Chad Williams and more

(52:30) Are the Cardinals dead?

(59:54) Looking ahead to the Jaguars

Link to the Podcast