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Arizona Cardinals vs Jacksonville Jaguars gamethread

Talk about the Arizona Cardinals and Jacksonville Jaguars game.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals are not only 4-6... They are home underdogs to the Jacksonville Jaguars who are eyeing a bye week in the AFC.

It is crazy how the complexion of a season changes so quickly.

Just a reminder, the game today is on CBS, a slight departure from the normal Fox broadcast we are used to in Arizona.

We have covered this game quite a bit this week.

A look at the numbers behind Blaine Gabbert’s first start.

We took a look at the Jaguars roster and asked the question, which player would you want in the desert?

The Arizona Cardinals are allegedly going to give their young wide receivers a chance, even if that is not completely true yet as Carlton Agudosi is inactive today.

Calais Campbell makes his return and seems extremely happy with his decision to leave the Cardinals.

Ricky Seals-Jones is one of the bright spots on the Cardinals coming off the Texans loss.

Finally, it is time for the Arizona Cardinals to make the move to a younger team, it starts this year.

Enjoy the game, hopefully it turns out better than many are expecting.