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Arizona Cardinals vs Jacksonville Jaguars 2nd half thread

The Cardinals hold a 13-3 lead at the half. Let's see if they can finish today.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

It was exactly what we expected in the first half… Just with the teams in reverse.

The Arizona Cardinals defense and special teams came out and dominated the first half.

Blaine Gabbert was quietly efficient and made no mistakes and the Arizona Cardinals lead the Jacksonville Jaguars at the half.

For the Cardinals, it was all about winning the field position battles and they did that substantially in the first half.

Defensively, the Cardinals are getting a dominant performance from Chandler Jones and we even saw a huge flash play from Robert Nkemdiche.

Offensively, the numbers aren't anything special, but the key is zero. As in, zero turnovers from the Arizona Cardinals to the Jaguars one, a fumble caused by Nkemdiche and Josh Bynes that put the Cardinals in great field position for their second field goal of the game.

Their lone touchdown came on another Blaine Gabbert to Ricky Seals-Jones hook up, but Seals-Jones had to leave the game and head to the locker room. Hopefully it is not serious.

And it is not as he was back on the sidelines before the half ended.

The Cardinals held the Jaguars on their best drive of the first half late and go into the half up 13-3.

Here's to a strong second half from the Cardinals.