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If Bruce Arians walked away, who would you want to come in and take over?

One fan’s opinion on the potential new coaching staff if Bruce Arians steps away.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Houston Texans Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

First, let’s discuss the topic. It’s not a ‘this is going to happen’ type of situation, it’s a ‘what could happen’ type of situation. All hypothetical, as I am a very bored fan, and would like to look at the possibility of the future.

This season for most fans has been ‘up-and-down’ for the Arizona Cardinals, and it’s not changing anytime soon. The Cardinals currently face an uphill climb unless if, and big IF, somehow they figure out something to get out of the basement. I hate to be pessimistic (as most Cards fans), but the 2017 season seems to be dying.

Some want to point fingers, and that’s what I’m doing. It’s time to point fingers, the season has been a disappointment, but I think it starts in the front office. Steve Keim and his crew has been very disappointing in scouting and free agency. Patrick Peterson (Keim wasn’t GM yet), Deone Bucannon, D.J. Humphries, and Robert Nkemdiche are the only first rounders remaining in the last twelve years (since 2004, Fitz).

So I’m thinking long-term, and I want to replace some of the disappointment in my soul with some viable options. So, it starts with GM:

Old General Manager: Steve Keim

New General Manager: Kurt Warner - Broadcaster for NFL network

I understand the pessimism of grabbing a candidate who has no prior front office experience, but the vast amount of knowledge and wealth is there. In some instances, it works out. John Elway had no experience, but the Broncos hasn’t been half bad (won a super bowl in 2015). Than you have John Lynch commanding the 49ers, and they seem to have a better outlook than our old-man team.

We add Kurt Warner to the formula, I think he can utilize the workers mindset to get us back into relevancy. Considering he’s been covering football games since he retired, had been playing football since 1997, and seems like a well of knowledge. It would be great for both Warner and the organization. I still think we should keep Steve Keim on the staff, but more as the replacement for the next guy on the list. Keim has done a great job in grabbing street free agents, and I don’t doubt that Kurt would love to keep him in the building.

Old Vice President of Player Personnel: Terry McDonough

New Vice President of Player Personnel: Quentin Harris - Director of Pro Scouting for Arizona Cardinals

This is more of developing. Terry McDonough wouldn’t be leaving because we have fired him, he’s going to leave because there will be a job for him somewhere else. Whenever he does decide to claim a GM job, from what I have heard, they have a contingency plan within the organization. That contingency plan is Quentin Harris, a former safety for the Cardinals, who has worked himself up the latter.

Harris goes from area scouting, while working his butt off, and becomes the Director of Pro Scouting. He obviously has experience with finding talent on the street, and seems to understand what the Cards need in a college player. Now, if Terry McDonough stays in his current spot, or if Keim takes the job, there will be no complaints on my end.

Old Offensive Coordinator: Harold Goodwin

New Offensive Coordinator: Mike Munchak - Offensive line coach for Pittsburgh Steelers

Consider this; Mike Munchak has previous NFL head coaching experience, and would be a major upgrade over a Harold Goodwin who has struggled in play calling. Munchak has been an offensive line coach on and off since 1997, unheard of in today’s NFL, and almost reminds me of B.A. (but more consistent).

With Munchak coming to AZ, it’s more of a signal for who the next head coach would be. Whoever the coach is next season, he’s obviously bringing in his own guys, and it starts with Munchak. This guy knows how to run the ball, evident because of the Steelers o-line, which was considered a disappointment at one time, but is currently ranked 10th in yards.

Old Defensive Coordinator: James Bettcher

New Defensive Coordinator: Al Harris - Secondary coach for Kansas City Chiefs

A new defense is necessary for the Cardinals, they are not efficient with the smaller guys they have on defense. I love Deone Bucannon playing inside linebacker, but if he’s going to be a linebacker, you need bodies in front of him so he can free range. I have a general idea of how the defense should look like in a 4-3 scheme.

OLB: Haason Reddick ILB: Deone Bucannon OLB: Todd Davis (free agent)

DE: Markus Golden DT: Corey Peters DT: Olsen Pierre DE: Chandler Jones

In this scheme, you’re plugging in athletic linebackers with the ability to cover, and allowing them to rush from a less congested area. Al Harris knows 4-3 pretty well, as he played it during his pro-bowl seasons in Green Bay. Imploring a steady front with some interchangeable pieces.

Old Head Coach: Bruce Arians

New Head Coach: Todd Haley - Offensive coordinator for Pittsburgh Steelers

Todd Haley has been highly successful since becoming a member of the Steelers coaching staff, and was apart of the high flying Cardinals attack. Putting Kurt Warner and his old buddy Todd Haley back together would be a match made in heaven. A lot of outcries will pour in for the hiring of Paul Guenther of Cincinnati or Josh McDaniels of New England, but I wanted to give the Cardinals a high flying offense that we are comfortable with.

This is not completely B.A.’s fault, as it has more to do with the lack of scouting thus far. I don’t personally believe that B.A. will be fired, I think that this will be his last year, and I’ll miss him (just like I miss Ken Whisenhunt). Todd Haley is the perfect replacement for Bruce Arians, as one is just as straightforward as the other. We need someone , who better than the guy who’s coached a very consistent one over the years.