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Arizona Cardinals in purgatory according to Football Outsiders

The Arizona Cardinals playoff chances are as low as their chance for a top five pick in 2018.

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Arizona Cardinals The Republic-USA TODAY NETWORK

There is something to be said for consistency, that is what the Arizona Cardinals have been under Bruce Arians and Steve Keim.

Although, sometimes, consistency can be confused with mediocrity. That is the question for the Arizona Cardinals as they are now, are they in a consistent space of mediocrity?

Based upon the projections of Football Outsiders, they are:

12. Arizona Cardinals (5-6)

Chances of making the playoffs: 1.0 percent

Chances of getting a top-5 pick: 3.7 percent

The Cardinals have a higher chance of getting a top five pick at this point than they do of reaching the NFL Playoffs. However, their chance of either is basically zero.

That means the Cardinals are likely going to end up in the middle of the NFL Draft again, because let’s face it, they are not a bad team... Yet, they may not be a good team either.

That is the problem right now for the Arizona Cardinals.

They aren’t quite bad enough to get a home run impact player, while they are not in the upper echelon of teams in the NFL.

Of course, it was only two years ago they were, so hopefully the rise back up is as quick.