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Arizona Cardinals @ San Francisco 49ers gamethread

Talk about the game with your friends at Revenge of the Birds.

San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals

This is a big game for the Arizona Cardinals, there is no way around it.

While the injuries and on the field product this far has said they're out of it, the rest of the NFC refuses to run away.

Instead, the Cardinals sit at 3-4 with a winnable game in front of them.

While the old adage, take it one game at a time, is meant for the actual team, it's something the fans can now subscribe to as well.

This football year, it looks like there are 2-3 really good teams, and a lot of teams with questions.

The Cardinals clearly fall in the latter, but that doesn't mean they should fold up shop.

A win today puts the Cardinals back at .500 and just 1.5 games out of the Wild Card.

It's a big uphill battle, but at least it is still there to climb.

Don't forget about the time change moving the game back to 2:05pm Arizona time.

Enjoy the game and Go Cardinals!