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Twitter reacts to the Cardinals 20-10 against the San Francisco 49ers

What did Twitter think about the Stanton vs. Beathard duel in the Bay?

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at San Francisco 49ers Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals defeated the San Francisco 49ers on the road by a score of 20-10.

How did Twitter react to the game?

It all started, sadly, with yet ANOTHER missed Phil Dawson field goal:

With the Niners having 16 players on injured reserve and Arizona featuring the same with Palmer and David Johnson on IR, some fans pointed out how unlucky the two teams’ seasons have been.

Drew Stanton was solid in his performance, extending plays and tossing two touchdowns.

The Niners and Beathard, meanwhile...really struggled.

Late in the game Andre Ellington had a...catch?

And Drew Stanton ran a read-option play for a clutch first-down that allowed Dawson to kick a field goal for a two score AZ lead:

Then suddenly, after a hit on the quarterback from Antoine Bethea, fights broke out everywhere!

4 players were tossed from the game and the Cardinals got another win with Drew Stanton off of the 20th interception of Karlos Dansby’s career, putting him in an elite club of players with 40 sacks and 20 interceptions.

But of course, the tweet of the day from this sloppy game from two hampered teams goes to...

What was your reaction to the game?

Let us know in the comments!