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6 winners and 3 losers in Arizona Cardinals 20-10 win over the San Francisco 49ers

Who stood out and who struggled in the Arizona Cardinals win over the 49ers?

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at San Francisco 49ers Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals won with defense and a strong running game… This was what we knew needed to happen, the surprising part was the willingness to do so.

That takes us to the winners and losers from today's Arizona Cardinals victory.


Bruce Arians - We've been critical of Arians play calling previously, so to see him come out and put it on Adrian Peterson and the defense was great to see.

Adrian Peterson - Three games in the desert and two 100+ yard days. He's still got some wiggle, he's still got the power and he still runs with patience that is unteachable. He had a late fumble, so maybe everything was good up until that point.

Cardinals defensive front - There has been a milk carton with the Arizona Cardinals pass rush on it. Today, they were found. Four total

Larry Fitzgerald - Incredible, that's all there is to it at this point. Only five catches for 70 yards, but he drew a couple penalties and converted a couple third downs.

Drew Stanton - Everyone complained, but let's give Stanton props, he did exactly what the Cardinals needed him to do. There was one bad throw, and Arians said he got too greedy. He wasn't good by any means, but he was steady and kept them in a spot to win.

Karlos Dansby - Joins an exclusive fraternity with his interception of C.J. Beathard. He now joins Ray Lewis, Brian Urlacher, Seth Joyner and Wilbur Marshall as the only players with 40+ sacks and 20+ interceptions in their career.


49ers Injuries - I know they're the enemy, but you start to feel bad about a young, rebuilding team continuing to struggle with injuries.

Phil Dawson - He finished making his last four kicks, but again missed his first one and now has missed six field goals on the year. For a team who cannot sustain offensive consistency series to series, they need every point they can. Get. Through eight games, six misses is too many.

End of Game - Dumb play by Antoine Bethea, but you're winning this game. The Cardinals can't afford to lose anyone for the Seahawks game that they'll already have an uphill battle to win.