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Karlos Dansby joins special group with interception on Sunday

The Arizona Cardinals linebacker has put up some gaudy numbers in his career.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at San Francisco 49ers Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

There was a lot of good that came on Sunday, but maybe nothing was quite as good, or as sweet as Karlos Dansby’s interception of rookie C.J. Beathard.

With that interception, Dansby joined a special group in the history of the NFL.

Dansby becomes just the fifth member of the 40 sack, 20 interception club in NFL history.

He of course started his career with the Arizona Cardinals in 2004, as a second round pick out of Auburn. Dansby now has 43 sacks on his career to go with the 20 interceptions. Dansby totaled most of his sacks in Arizona, at 33 of his career sacks, including highs of 8.5 in 2006 and six in 2013. Most of his interceptions were in Arizona as well, with 15 of the 20 coming in a Cardinals uniform.

The rest of the group includes two former Cardinals players and two likely Hall of Famer’s.

Wilber Marshall played from 1984 to 1995 and tallied his 45 career sacks and 23 career interceptions. Marshall had a brief cup of coffee with the Cardinals in his career that included stops in Chicago, Washington, and a season each in Houston (with the Oilers) Arizona and finishing with the New York Jets. Marshall had one sack and no interceptions in his career in Arizona.

Seth Joyner played from 1986 to 1998 and had the most sacks of any of the players in this group, with 52 and 24 interceptions, the second most of the group. Joyner also played with the Arizona Cardinals, in fact, Joyner and Marshall were teammates in 1994 with the Cardinals, Joyner was with the team from 1994 to 1996. Joyner had seven interceptions and 12 sacks in his Cardinals career. Joyner played with the Eagles, Cardinals, Green bay and Denver in his career.

Ray Lewis played the longest of any of these players, from 1996 to 2012 and had 41.5 sacks in his career and 31 interceptions, the most of anyone on this list. Lewis of course seems like a lock to be in the Hall of Fame, was a two time Super Bowl winner, seven time All-Pro and made 13 Pro Bowls in his career.

Brian Urlacher played from 2000 to 2012 with the Chicago Bears and finished with 41.5 sacks and 22 interceptions in his career. He is the other likely Hall of Fame member from this group.

Congratulations to Dansby on his accomplishment and the amazing fraternity he has joined.