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Arizona Cardinals vs Tennessee Titans: Game preview podcast

Rise Up, See Red and get ready for the Arizona Cardinals game.

Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

When the Arizona Cardinals take the field today, they are playing to preserve a chance to finish above .500 for the fourth time in five seasons under Bruce Arians.

While the odds seem long for them to win out, with what has happened in the NFL in 2017, why can't they?

On this episode of the Rise Up, See Red Podcast, Jess and I discuss the wheels coming off against the Rams… again.

From there, the Kerwynn Williams performance should have been even better, but the coach seemed to forget he was running so well.

Why are the special teams so bad?

The defense for the Cardinals.

And a look at the Titans and if the Cardinals can stop their dynamic rushing attack?

(6:40) Blaine Gabbert, his play and his future with the Cardinals

(28:44) Kerwynn Williams’ performance against the Rams

(38:37) Special teams play and coaching

(43:30) The defense’s play against the Rams

(50:32) Their playoff chances

(53:49) Looking ahead to the Titans

Link to newest show.