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2017 Week 14 NFL TV Viewing Guide

A look at the Week 14 guide to NFL football.

New York Giants vs Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

It is week 14 of the 2017 NFL season

The Arizona Cardinals get the CBS treatment again this week with the Tennessee Titans coming to town.

There is only one game on CBS this week, so no morning viewings for those of us in Arizona.

The best game of this group has to be the Vikings at the Panthers that was moved to CBS and gets the Nantz and Romo crew.

If you want to watch an early game today, of course, if you're in Arizona that means you are watching the Cowboys and Giants. Good luck.

Honestly, is there a good game on in this group?

If you were looking forward to watching a great matchup... That's not happening in Arizona.

That's right folks, your NFL games in Arizona are the Cowboys at the Giants and the Cardinals vs the Titans.

The two best games of the afternoon are competing on Fox.

Good luck out there.