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Arizona Cardinals vs Tennessee Titans gamethread

Talk about the Arizona Cardinals and Tennessee Titans game with your friends on Revenge of the Birds.

Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals have a chance to keep their hopes for a non losing season alive. It starts today with a win against the Tennessee Titans.

The Titans record is not indicative of their level of play this season. They sit at 8-4 on the season, but if you follow along to any of the advanced metrics information, they are not an 8-4 team.

Now, for many, myself included, those advanced stats do not mean anything.

Instead, they are a way to try and understand the overall effectiveness of a team, but sometimes, teams success does not make sense.

That is the Titans.

They are a run heavy team, with two very good running backs and a dynamic quarterback.

However, they have done a poor job of providing him with weapons on the outside.

It plays into the Cardinals strengths though, much like the Jaguars game.

Can the Cardinals take advantage?

It is a chance to keep nine wins on the table.

Let’s see if they can do so.