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Arizona Cardinals vs Tennessee Titans: 4 winners and 3 losers from the Cardinals ugly win

The Cardinals won ugly, who looked good doing it?

Tennessee Titans v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The game was ugly.

There is no way around that.

Yet, the outcome, a 12-7 victory over the previously 8-4 Tennessee Titans, the team leading the AFC South, was anything but.

That’s what makes football such a great game.

Here are the winners and losers from the game.

James Bettcher: The much maligned defensive coordinator came up with a fantastic game plan and the team may be rallying around that criticism. He called a great game today. A tip of the hat.

Tramon Williams: How did this guy sit on the bench for so long? He's been the best corner two since the first half of 2014 with Antonio Cromartie.

Chandler Jones: Should be in the Defensive Player of the Year conversation.

Kerwynn Williams: Another workman like game for Williams. He is keeping the defense honest, even if the other defense isn't afraid of the passing game of the Cardinals.

Honestly, you could list almost everyone on the defense in the winners, they played their guts out.


Offensive Line: Yuck

Also, asking Jared Veldheer to play with one arm seemed like a stretch.

Phil Dawson: Come on, man. Although, this was interesting during the game:

The Blaine Gabbert experience is exactly what you expect out of a backup quarterback.

Won't win you a game, but also didn't do anything to lose it for you.

That's what you want in a backup quarterback... A shot.

Gabbert and Stanton have filled that role this season.

Tanking: You aren't tanking with Bruce Arians. Its not happening. This is a 7-9 team at worst with 5-11 talent.

What did you think?