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Arizona Cardinals 2017 will be another "what if"

The Cardinals have done better than expected while the rest of the NFC is down... You can't help but ask... What if?

Arizona Cardinals v Detroit Lions Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals have been a weird team to try and figure out in 2017.

Losses to the Detroit Lions and Houston Texans after holding leads late, those hurt even more now.

Yet, if you're going to lament anything in 2017, it's clearly the injuries to key players.

While there are a number of teams who have the same issues, you are at a point in the season where the NFC seems to be wide open. You can't control injuries, and clearly no one knows when it'll pop up and bite you. That's why this season and in reality, the Arizona Cardinals under Bruce Arians have been so frustrating to watch.

The two years the NFC looks ripe for the picking, the Cardinals suffer back breaking injuries.

Carson Palmer is at the top of the list in both seasons. Sure, the 2014 season is wildly different than this season. The Cardinals are not as good this year, but is anyone in the NFC?

What does a healthy DJ and DJ do for this team?

What does a team that starts Tramon From week two or three on look like in comparison?

You hate to say what if, but that's the question eternally it seems like for the Cardinals… What if?

You love the battle from the team. You love what you've seen from the defense since the disaster of the Texans game.

You just wonder what if.