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Arizona Cardinals got a pep talk from an old friend before the win over the Titans

The Cardinals may not have needed it, but they got a call from an old friend before their win over the Titans.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

For the Arizona Cardinals, there is no doubt that through the first 12 games they missed the big guy Calais Campbell.

Does his presence change anything on the season?

Maybe against the Lions and Texans, that would put the Cardinals at 8-5 instead of 6-7, but those would be ideal scenarios if everything else was the same.

Yet, Calais made a call before the Cardinals and Titans played on Sunday to give the Cardinals a little encouragement.

Clearly this was a light-hearted comment by Campbell, but the Cardinals and Jags played in a nail-biter two weeks ago that the Cardinals ended up winning. This week, the Cardinals were taking on the AFC South leading Tennessee Titans while the Jags were taking on the NFC West rival Seattle Seahawks.

Well, Campbell got his wish and the Cardinals came out on top in a game that helped propel the Jaguars back on top of the South.

The reason? The Jags took care of the Seahawks in a game where the talk will be about the ending, but Pete Prisco put it best:

Thanks for the words, Calais. Good luck the rest of the season, and thanks for taking care of those pesky birds from the Northwest.