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Arizona Cardinals looking to extend Blaine Gabbert

The Cardinals want to keep Gabbert in the fold.

Tennessee Titans v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

One player has done enough to warrant the Arizona Cardinals wanting him back.

Steve Keim discussed it and Mike Jurecki is reporting the Cardinals have reached out to Gabbert about a potential contract extension.

This should come as no surprise.

Gabbert has given the Cardinals exactly what you want and need from a backup quarterback… a chance.

He's hit a hit of a wall the last couple of games, one touchdown and two interceptions after starting off with five touchdowns to three interceptions. Yet, something that is preached with regularity on this site, much like with Drew Stanton, is that the numbers that matter above all else are wins and losses.

Gabbert is 2-2 as a starter.

Stanton is 7-4 as a starter in Arizona.

The difference now? Gabbert is young and can be the same, long-term, five year backup that Stanton has been. Remember, Stanton was only 29 when he signed in Arizona.

It's a relatively low risk play if the Cardinals don't make this a reason to not further address, in a serious manner, the quarterback position.

A QB room of Carson Palmer, Gabbert, Baker Mayfield/Lamar Jackson/Josh Rosen is much better in terms of experience and youth than Palmer/Stanton/one of those picks.

Even if it was to be Gabbert/Stanton/Rookie in the chance of a Palmer retirement, you like the overall build, just may not have the potential bridge that can get you to the playoffs.

Here's to hoping things work out for all parties.