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The Cardinals have been under siege by injury, but they cannot afford to lose Chandler Jones

Even with all the injuries to the Arizona Cardinals, they cannot afford to lose Chandler Jones.

Tennessee Titans v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

The 2017 season has seen the NFL ravaged by injuries to the point where it will impact the outcome of your Super Bowl Champions, hello New England Patriots.

In fact, the year has been so bad, you can’t even get the entirety of the stars and impact players into one tweet with the new 280 character limit:

Yes, there was a follow up:

The Cardinals have been hit hard. David Johnson, Carson Palmer, D.J. Humprhies and even Tyvon Branch, Mike Iupati and now Jared Veldheer.

The one name not on that list and the player in 2017 that would mean more than any other is Chandler Jones.

No player in 2017 has been more important than Chandler Jones. No, not just for the Cardinals, but in the NFL.

Jones has 38 negative plays accounted for in the NFL, most of any player in the league. He leads the league in both tackles for loss and sacks.

He also is the guy who consistently makes a big play when you need it. We’ve seen the sack fumbles, sometimes his teammates aren’t close enough to help him recover, but he’s giving his team a chance.

He is the key to the defensive unit turning around as well.

Many, myself included, wondered if he could carry a defensive unit. He has answered that in such an emphatic way that now you feel like his offseason extension may have been too low. (Don’t read this Jones’ agent)

Jones is a star.

He may be the best defensive player in the NFL in 2017.

What a year for Chandler Jones.