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Arizona Cardinals bypass QB, get offensive tackle in Todd McShay’s first 2018 NFL Mock Draft

The Cardinals look to beef up the offensive line according to the ESPN draft analyst.

Temple v Notre Dame Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals will have a choice to make when the 2018 NFL Draft rolls around, do they acquire a young quarterback and if so, do they do so by moving up or sitting put and taking the best available that falls?

Of course, if you are Todd McShay of ESPN, you look a gift horse in the mouth when doing a mock draft and instead make an easy pick:

11. Arizona Cardinals

Mike McGlinchey, OT, Notre Dame

This is another potential landing spot for Baker Mayfield, as Carson Palmer's status for the 2018 season is unknown. But if it's not QB (or CB), offensive line makes sense for a Cardinals team that has allowed the second-most sacks (44) in the NFL this season and needs upgrades at several spots. McGlinchey doesn't have elite tools, but he has good experience and is a well-rounded player. He is a high-floor pick.

On the board were both Lamar Jackson and Baker Mayfield (I would say the final third of the top three QB’s, behind Josh Rosen).

Not only that, McShay goes with conventional wisdom of taking a tackle over a flatout better player, at least in my opinion, of Quenton Nelson, McGlinchey’s teammate at Notre Dame.

Would McGlinchey be a bad pick? Not if he ends up being a starting right tackle for the next five years opposite D.J. Humphries.

Yet, Nelson would help solidify the interior of a leaky offensive line.

Also, there are those pesky quarterbacks they left on the board.

What do you think?