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Could the Arizona Cardinals land Tyrod Taylor in the offseason?

Bleacher Report predicts the crazy quarterback carousel and the Cardinals are involved.

Arizona Cardinals v Buffalo Bills Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

There is no question that plagues the Arizona Cardinals, their fans and the media more than who will be in the quarterback room in 2018.

According to Bleacher Report, maybe the Arizona Cardinals could be in the market for one Tyrod Taylor.

From Brent Sobleski:

Either way, Arizona needs to address the quarterback position. While Arians seems to like backup Blaine Gabbert more than most, the 2011 first-round pick is under a one-year contract, and the Cardinals can upgrade to Tyrod Taylor.

Taylor has a much higher career completion percentage (62.5 vs. 56.4), a far superior touchdown-to-interception ratio (49-to-18 vs. 44-to-42), and his mobility would add a dimension to the offense. Also, the Buffalo Bills quarterback, who is expected to be released this offseason after he was benched for rookie Nathan Peterman in Week 11, throws a beautiful deep ball, which is a must in Arians' vertical passing attack.

Taylor would have the opportunity to start next year or maybe the following season depending on what Palmer does.

This isn’t a bad idea with one single caveat, it only makes sense if Carson Palmer doesn’t come back.

If Palmer is back, then bringing in Taylor makes no sense. Outside of the fact that Taylor is 100% a starter in this league, having Taylor and Palmer on the roster doesn’t make sense from a financial standpoint. Taylor is going to likely command something in the $14-18 million a year range. You can’t invest in Taylor, re-sign Gabbert and start Palmer.

Would you consider taking the choice out of Palmer’s hands and signing Taylor and letting Palmer go? That is another topic of conversation, but if the Cardinals do move on from Palmer and they want to bring in a new quarterback, then sign me up for Tyrod Taylor.

Taylor’s career numbers are astounding:

20-19 W/L record
736/1177 for 62.5%
8,347 yards 49 Touchdowns and 18 interceptions

He has a career 1.5% interception rate and is fantastic in and out of the pocket.

If you can get Taylor for three years at $45 million, you have a nice quarterback that is ready and can carry you through the likely end of the Bruce Arians era.

What would you think?