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Week 15 NFL TV Maps: What games will you be able to watch today?

All the games around the league and where they will be playing.

Seattle Seahawks v Los Angeles Ram Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

It is week 15 of the 2017 NFL season. Which means we have almost made it through another season.

Which seems ridiculous, how fast these seasons are going by at this point. Of course, it has been a roller coaster of emotions for the Arizona Cardinals and their fans, so maybe people are ready for it to be over.

However, there are plenty of games with big time playoff implications.

If you want to discuss those after the Arizona Cardinals, feel free here until the Sunday Night Football open thread.

Here are the TV Maps for week 15.

Most of the country gets either the Bengals at the Vikings as Marvin Lewis looks across at his protege, Mike Zimmer, and the Bengals wonder what if. Most of the rest of the country gets the Jets taking on the Saints in New Orleans. What a terrible early game slate for CBS.

The late CBS game is a potential preview of the AFC Championship Game. Of course, the Jacksonville Jaguars are big Steelers fans at this point, because they could potentially be in a position for a bye week heading into the playoffs.

Meanwhile, a bunch of sad people get to watch the 49ers take on the Titans.

Does Jimmy Garappolo lose a game?

The Fox Single game is the Cardinals in Arizona, but if you are not in Arizona, there are a couple of big matchups today.

Aaron Rodgers makes his return as the Packers take on the Panthers. The Eagles try to get by without Carson Wentz against the Giants.

Of course, the late game is the Rams heading up to lock up the NFC West against the Seahawks.