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Arizona Cardinals @ Washington Redskins: Why Blaine Gabbert Isn't the Answer

Blaine Gabbert is not the answer at quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals.

Arizona Cardinals v Washington Redskins Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

There has been talk of Blaine Gabbert possibly getting a contract extension, but who knows what will happen when this season ends. Even though most Cardinals fans knew after a few weeks that they would not be going to the post season; now with a season of 6-8, the Cardinals have officially been eliminated from the playoffs.

Reports have come out the Cardinals were having discussions about bringing Gabbert back. Again, who knows what will happen with Palmer, and we know that Stanton isn't the answer. However, Blaine Gabbert is not the answer either.

Watching the past few weeks with him starting as our QB, I could see why he was drafted in the first round. He has a strong arm, big body QB, who runs fairly well, and has nice tight spirals on passes. I also see why he shouldn't be a starting QB.

For the past 10 quarters for the Cardinals he could not lead the team into the end zone. Yes, some is to blame on the offensive line, but much of the blame is on Gabbert for sure. He has a tendency to hold onto the ball too long. When he does have an open WR, he will overthrow them.

Then sometimes he just makes a bone headed play...for example, on his interception, he throws the ball side arm right to the Washington defender. Also on a 2nd down play he rolls out of the pocket to find no receiver, but instead of throwing it away, he steps out of bounds and loses 4 yards. He has done this on other occasions also where he could dive forward to possibly get the first down but instead slides 2 yards short or runs out of bounds before the first down yard marker. QB's are field generals and teams feed off of that. In the Redskins game he pretty much forgot that he has one of the best WR's to ever play. Throw Fitz the ball when you need a first down, instead of trying to throw it into coverage to the TE or one of our other WR's- just throw it to Larry.

If Gabbert comes back as a backup QB-that would be one thing...but please Arizona, let’s move on from him and draft a QB in the first round this coming year or get a quality QB that can lead this team. If Carson Palmer comes back it is still time to draft a QB in the first 2 or 3 rounds. They have time after time neglected this in the past and now is the time to make the choice to draft a QB in a QB heavy draft. What do you think the Cardinals should do now that the Cardinals are officially eliminated from the playoffs?