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Arizona Cardinals could be heading down a similar route as the New York Giants

The Giants may be a cautionary tale for the Cardinals.

Arizona Cardinals v New York Giants

For the Arizona Cardinals have had tough sledding the last two seasons and for the first time in the Bruce Arians era, will finish back to back seasons without a winning record.

The fall hasn't been pretty, but it's been eerily reminiscent of what happened to their opponent this weekend, the New York Giants.

When you look at the Giants, the fall from the top wasn't swift.

After their second Super Bowl win in 2011, they strung together a four year window of:

2012: 9-7 no playoffs

2013: 7-9 no playoffs

2014: 6-10 no playoffs

2015: 6-10 no playoffs

That spelled the end for Tom Coughlin and his 12-year run as head coach of the Giants with a 102-90 record and those two Lombardi trophies.

They hired Ben McAdoo, one of the best young offensive minds in the NFL, what complaints had become about Coughlin was he was old and out of touch with the new NFL.

McAdoo seemed to be on the right track, but the wheels came off quick. After a 11-5, 2016 and a first round exit in the playoffs, they looked like things were fine.

That didn't last long and now the Giants are in a tough position.

They ostracized their most important player of the 21st century in Eli Manning and benched him ending his consecutive games started stream. They have no one waiting in the wings and the team has missed grossly on their offensive line picks over the last five years.

All that sounds familiar, does it not?

Let the Giants be a lesson, hanging on to long can be a bad move, but moving on too fast can be even worse.

Let the Giants be a cautionary tale… let's also hope the Cardinals make the right decision… cause to be quite honest, I'm not sure anyone knows what that is.