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Arizona Cardinals vs New York Giants podcast preview

Rise Up, See Red and get ready for the Cardinals vs Giants.

Arizona Cardinals v New York Giants Photo by Ron Antonelli/Getty Images

It was never a question of if, but a question of when.

That question was answered resoundingly on Sunday in the Arizona Cardinals 20-15 loss to the Washington Redskins.

The reason it was when was because it didn't matter if they won, Monday Night’s Falcons victory over the Bucs would have led to the same sad conclusion… The Arizona Cardinals are not going to the playoffs… again.

The loss also brought about a quarterback change for the Cardinals as they have been without a touchdown for 10 consecutive quarters, despite playing two bad defenses (the 18th and 29th ranked scoring defenses) the last two weeks.

All of that and more on the latest Rise Up, See Red Podcast.

Check out the podcast and get ready for the Cardinals vs Giants.

(1:00) The Cardinals’ playoff elimination

(7:20) The move back to Drew Stanton and what lies ahead for the Cardinals and Blaine Gabbert

(25:34) The Cardinals’ Pro Bowlers and the surprising two alternates

(40:47) Which Cardinals are injured now?

(50:34) Looking ahead to the Giants