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Arizona Cardinals vs New York Giants game thread

Enjoy the game and talk about Cardinals v Giants with your friends at Revenge of the Birds.

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

For the final time in 2017, the Arizona Cardinals have a home game.

It may be a game that is more significant than we even know.

Maybe, for the last time, Larry Fitzgerald is taking the field for a game as an Arizona Cardinal at home.

It's not known, and that's the way Larry likes things. He's not in it for anything other than to be the best on the field. He's never been one to draw extra attention to himself, he would be unlikely to acknowledge that this was the end before the game.

So, maybe just pay a little bit closer attention. Enjoy each catch, every roar to the crowd.

For Fitz's sake, I hope this ends in a win and if this is the end, another big game for him.

From a selfish standpoint, I want to see Fitz back and doing his thing one more time. In a season fighting for more than just a .500 record.

Here's to a great game either way, and hopefully it is not the last home game for Fitz.