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Arizona Cardinals vs New York Giants 2nd half game thread

Larry Fitzgerald is on fire and the Arizona Cardinals lead the New York Giants 10-0

New York Giants v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

After two quarters, the Arizona Cardinals hold a 10-0 lead over the hapless New York Giants.

Ironically, the Cardinals are in a position to shutout their first opponent since December 12, 1992 against the New York Giants.

That is how good the defense has been today against a bad Giants team.

On the other side of the ball, after 11 quarters, the Arizona Cardinals finally scored a touchdown, behind the do-it-all performance of Larry Fitzgerald, who has been magnificent in this: 8 catches 104 yards and 1 touchdown receiving and is 1/1 for 21 yards passing.

Yes, Fitz completed a pass, and it was the longest completion of this game.

Offense is not the forte of either team today, but the Cardinals have forced two turnovers and the Giants missed a chip shot field goal after getting the ball in the Cardinals territory.

Here is to a strong second half for the Cardinals.