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Arizona Cardinals look to keep Seattle Seahawks out if the NFL playoffs

The Cardinals have one thing on their minds... Knocking the Seahawks out of the playoffs.

Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

For the 2017 season, the Arizona Cardinals are finished. Except for one small detail, they can keep their rivals, the Seattle Seahawks, out of the playoffs, just like them.

It is this detail that highlights maybe the most important aspect of the last game of the Arizona Cardinals season.

Sure, avoiding another losing season despite all the injuries they've incurred over the season would be great. Yet, keeping the Seahawks out of the playoffs, being the reason they sit at home would be big.

It's also on the mind of Bruce Arians:

The Cardinals are undefeated at Century Link Field, when Carson Palmer is quarterback, but Arians doesn't care.

He believes fully in Drew Stanton and this team. Their defense has played at a special level over the last five games, and more than anything, Bruce Arians loves to stir it up.

Yet this is more than that. This is the misery loves company ideal.

The Cardinals are miserable in the fact they failed this season.

Maybe not in the big picture failed, again look at the injury issues, but in the fact they are not competing for a Super Bowl.

What's better than making sure your rival can't compete either?

To the Arizona Cardinals and Bruce Arians… nothing.