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Bruce Arians doesn’t know about his future, will decide after Seattle Seahawks game

The coach denied the Pro Football Weekly report and will sit down to make a decision after Seahawks game.

NFL: New York Giants at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It has been a topic on everyone’s mind since the beginning of the season. As the season teetered back and forth, the rampant talk and speculation would heat up each and every week.

In October, local news report from ABC 15 came out saying Bruce Arians would not be back next season as the Arizona Cardinals head coach.

Nothing has come of it, but plenty was made of it at that time, and Bruce Arians denied it and his son Jake Arians said as much:

This happens quite often, a reporter makes a report and then doesn’t have to really worry about the outcome, but if he/she is right, they get to be first.

That happened again on Tuesday:

It of course picked up steam by a bigger reporter:

This is a problem not because if the Cardinals and Arians have made a decision, but moreso of, how would someone from outside of the organization know this already?

Then again, Arians and many others have refuted that report:

What happens?

No one knows, but plenty of people have their report out there now, so someone is bound to be correct, right?