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2017 NFL Week 17 TV Maps

A look at the week 17 NFL slate of games and what games will be available for you to watch.

Atlanta Falcons v Carolina Panthers Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

It is the final week of the NFL season and the games are meaningful, there are great matchups and even better, the playoffs start next week.

To get you ready, here are the TV Maps for Week 17 of the NFL season so you know what games are available in your area and whether you will be spending all of New Year’s Eve at the bar or just tonight’s festivities.

The CBS early game slate is a bad one. Especially if you are a poor fan of the Texans or Colts.

For that matter, the Fox Early games are not that great either.

The biggest early game is the Chicago Bears at the Minnesota Vikings, where a Vikes win clinches a first your bye for the Vikes and the two seed.

The late slate on CBS has a host of important AFC games.

Baltimore must fend off their division rival Cincinnati to make the playoffs, while the Jacksonville Jaguars look to keep the Tennessee Titans out of the playoffs.

Meanwhile, the Chargers and Bills are hoping for Bengals and Jags wins today, then they can find their way into the playoffs.

The Fox Late games are just as juicy. If the Vikings lose early, the Panthers are playing for the two seed while the Falcons are playing for their playoff life. Meanwhile, the Saints are playing for the NFC South division title.

That means, a Vikings and Saints loss plus a Panthers win gives the Panthers a two seed. Yet, a Vikes loss plus a Saints win, keeps the Vikes in the two seed and the Panthers will be a Wild Card team.

The Falcons win and they are in.

Meanwhile, a Seahawks loss to Arizona means no playoffs, but a Seahawks win and a Falcons win means no playoffs for the Seahawks.

The late games hold all the cards... what will you be watching?