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Arizona Cardinals vs Los Angeles Rams: What we learned from the 32-16 loss is there are a lot of questions to ask

Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

* Did Chris Myers really say that Steve Keim wanted to hire Sean McVay before the Rams got to him? Does anyone know anything about that? Would Keim have sacked BA to appoint McVay as HC? Was Keim actually thinking he could bring in McVay an an assistant head coach to BA? Anyone have info on this?

* With the Cardinals sinking this quickly in the NFC West, can they afford another year of BA and his "the coaches are brilliant" but the "players didn't execute" spin? I think the environment in the organization right now is toxic and it has to change asap.

* I have to tip my cap to the Rams in hiring McVay...and in McVay for surrounding himself with the best possible coaching staff. He seems so refreshingly humble and quick to offer credit to everyone around him. Still can't believe the Cardinals showed no interest in hiring Wade Phillips when he was available the year Todd Bowles left and this year. I also admire the way John Fassel wanted to stay on as the Rams' STC having served as an interim HC and being bypassed for HC job for McVay who was a senior in high school when Fassel began his NFL coaching career. Again, the humbleness on Fassel's part here is impressive.

* I was trying so hard to wrap my head around BA staying on for another year and trying to find significance in subtle changes he seems to be making---and yet---to hear his press conference last night, it became 100% clear (at least to me) for the final time that BA is incorrigible. Like someone said on the board yesterday (CardLogic), it almost seems like BA is asking to be fired so he can collect his final year's pay at home in Georgia. Does anyone think he is a lame duck this year and he already knows it? He sure is acting like it. His emotionless, matter-of-fact, redundant, put the blame on the players' lack of execution press conference last night looked like one of those friendly concession speeches from a candidate who badly lost his election.

* I have also been trying so hard to find reasons to believe Blaine Gabbert could be a good 1-2 year bridge to the QBOF, and it's been difficult to ignore all the negativity surrounding him and his past failures (which in some ways made me want to pull for him more), and yet I wonder if he has the temperament to be a good, gritty leader. He could have endeared all his teammates, coaches and the fans had he stayed on his feet on his bolt from the pocket and made every effort to advance the ball past the sticks---but it seems like his slide 3 yards short of the sticks is a symbol of why he consistently comes up short of expectations. His physical talents are obvious. Can he play with more grit and determination? I am questioning that right now, but want to see how the next game versus Tennessee goes.

* Having gone back to watch tape of Gabbert, one thing I noticed is that for a scrambling QB who is often on the move, he needs significant work on his passing technique when he is on the run. This is one thing he needs to spend the off-season improving, because if he can get his feet and timing right, he could be very difficult to defend.

* Anyone watch Jimmy Garoppolo in his first start yesterday? He was impressive, to say the least. Very poised and patient and highly accurate. It still boggles the mind to think that Steve Keim never made a play for him and all it took was a 2nd round pick.

* Unless the Cardinals sign a free agent QB or make a trade for a QB, one who could be the starter for the next 5-7 years...the Cardinals HAVE to come away from the 2018 NFL Draft with one of the top 6 QBs: Darnold, Rosen, Jackson, Mayfield, Allen or Rudolph. They cannot afford to wait any longer. It's been far too long.

* Watching Russell Wilson run around and make plays last night, did any of you find yourself hoping the Cardinals will draft Jackson or Mayfield? I certainly did. Having a gritty, mobile, highly competitive QB who extends plays the way Wilson does is like getting 2-3 shots a possession in an NBA game. Not only does a QB like that give you hope on every play, he gives you a sense that he can overcome any flaws in the offensive line.

* What do you think the Cardinals are going to do about Tyrann Mathieu and his contract...with the $5M roster bonus due this year and upcoming salaries in the $14M range? It would seem quite clear that the Cardinals need to acquire or draft a tall safety who can cover TEs, as Budda Baker and the Honey Badger are too small to do on a regular basis.

* Do you think that Michael Bidwill and Steve Keim already have a plan in place for next year with regard to a coaching change? I've been going back and forth on that one...but when i saw their faces in the locker room after the win over the Jaguars it matched the look of concern on their faces up in their booth last night. They do not look like happy campers. I think MB is going to surprise us. I hope he does. Do you think he will?