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In a trying season, Larry Fitzgerald again shows his greatness for the Arizona Cardinals

The future Hall of Fame wide receiver is still playing at an elite level, despite the struggles around him.

Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

It has been a season in which finding positives can be difficult for the Arizona Cardinals.

Yet, every week for the last 13 seasons there has been one positive for the Arizona Cardinals, no matter how bad the season has been, and there's been some bad seasons.

Larry Fitzgerald continues to produce at a rate rarely seen in the NFL.

This season, Fitz is on pace for: 109 receptions 1,170 yards 7 touchdowns.

When you look at the overall play of the rest of the weapons on Arizona, calling it average would probably be too nice, it's even more impressive.

The amazing thing about Larry Fitzgerald is, it's been this way for his career.

Despite playing with a plethora of bad quarterbacks, he's been consistently excellent every year.

Moreover, the fact that Fitzgerald has played with only two quarterbacks that many would consider good, Kurt Warner and Carson Palmer.

Yet, despite a drop in numbers in the 93 games without Palmer or Warner at quarterback, Fitz has still been very good. Even great in the Palmer era.

We say it a lot on here, but maybe not enough. We are all fortunate to have been able to witness, week to week the greatness of Larry Fitzgerald.

Maybe that's what the rest of the season should be focused on.