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Breaking down the 2018 NFL Draft

Rumors, the best analysis and the hottest takes on the 2018 NFL Draft.

Alabama v Mississippi State Photo by Butch Dill/Getty Images

On the 100th episode of the NFL Draft Breakdown podcast, we had to make it special and have one of the frequent fliers on with Seth and I.

Here are the highlights of the show.

QB Talk:

Baker Mayfield is THE hot name right now

  • Are you ok with talk of him at #1 overall?
  • Do the antics bother you?

Lamar Jackson

  • How early will he be drafted vs how early would you take him?
  • Pro comp?

Josh Rosen

  • Far superior to Mayfield - is Rosen QB1 in this class?

Mason Rudolph

  • Out on him early early and now other analysts are catching up - what did you see that turned you off?

Some Draft Rapid Fire

Put these in order: Barkley, Guice, Jones II, Chubb

Minkah Fitzpatrick: CB or S?

Take out the QBs - Who is the number 1 pick?

The most overrated player(s) in the draft is(are)?

Everybody is sleeping on...?

Hot Takes

Enjoy the show.