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Carson Palmer responds: House not for sale, did not remove kids from school

The report from Mike Jurecki has been debunked by Carson Palmer himself.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Los Angeles Rams Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that was an interesting 20 hours or so.

Late afternoon yesterday, Jody Oehler of Xtra Sports 910 in Arizona had Arizona Cardinals insider Mike Jurecki on the radio and in the interview Jurecki claimed that Carson Palmer had removed his kids from school, put his house up for sale and moved out of state.

Well, that report was squashed by Kent Somers within the coming hours, at least the portion about Palmer’s house being for sale, and today Palmer went ahead and took care of the rest.

Now, this report speaks nothing to Palmer's actual plans about still playing in 2017, but it allows us to not have to worry about the fact that he has moved out of town and removed his kids from school.

That is why having a team that doesn't make the playoffs sucks.

Anyways, back to your normal worrying about Fitz and Palmer for 2017.