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2017 NFL Draft quarterback rankings and their NFL player comparison

Talking about the 2017 quarterback class.

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The NFL Draft process is long, it is arbitrary and people change their minds after months and months of information in a second and you wonder... what happened?

Well, one of the things we pride ourselves on is waiting to release our rankings until we have all the information we can possibly have, including the athletic testing information.

That information saved Seth last year from his Paul Dawson love, when he came in undersized, slow and unathletic, it meant that his work to be good was going to be much harder.

Except with quarterbacks.

While the athletic testing can be useful, it isn’t the best gauge on quarterbacks.

That is why we revealed our top 10 quarterbacks in the 2017 NFL Draft.

Not only that, we took the time to give you some pro player comparisons for most of the prospects.

Remember, comparisons come on a scale with us: high end potential to low end, with the hope is that the player ends up somewhere closer to the high end projection.

Have a listen and let us know.