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Arizona Cardinals GM Steve Keim knows he’ll need a QB... soon

The GM knows he’ll have to stake his name to a young quarterback at some point with the Arizona Cardinals.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at San Francisco 49ers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Whether it is a general manager or a head coach, everyone is tied to one position in the NFL... the quarterback.

It costs more coaches and GM’s their job than any other position in any sport I am willing to bet.

You put your job on the line with the wrong quarterback? Good luck keeping your job.

Look at Ken Whisenhunt and Rod Graves.

They were able to bring in a lot of talent, but between putrid offensive line play, and no plan post Kurt Warner, they were kicked to the curb.

Enter Steve Keim and Bruce Arians.

They initially hitched their wagon to Carson Palmer for basically nothing and it has worked out tremendously for all involved.

Yet, Keim knows, his time to make that move to a new quarterback is coming as he said on the team’s weekly radio show, the “Big Red Rage.”:

“Every GM, there’s no question your name has to be put on a young quarterback at some point, I challenge myself every day because if you look around the league, he’s not a GM for long if you don’t find one.”

Putting your name on a young quarterback is scary. Look around the NFL and notice the high turnover rate of coaches and GM’s. Yet, if you do not do it, you’ll be short lived as well, because you can only piece together the position for so long.

The time is coming closer for the Arizona Cardinals, hopefully they hit another homerun at the position, and get this player for double the amount of time as Carson Palmer.