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Wading through the 2017 NFL Draft hype and finding the prospects true value

The hype gets out of control, so find a way to get through it.

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With the 2017 NFL Combine only two weeks away, the hype for the prospects is about to go through the roof.

We at the NFL Draft Breakdown podcast want to help you wade through the hype and instead, find the value in the prospects.

We start off by discussing the injury bug that has struck four of the top prospects in the 2017 NFL Draft; Corey Davis, Reuben Foster, Malik Hooker and Ryan Ramcyzk.

We talk about whether you can draft these guys early in the first round without having the final piece of the puzzle.

From there, we discuss the 80% rule. Can you get 80% of a players production in round three or four or later? Why draft Alvin Kamara when you can get Kareem Hunt on day two or Elijiah McGuire day three?

That leads to our final topic, are you buying into the hype with players? Can you find needles in the haystack or are you wasting your time trying find the next Antonio Brown instead of taking better players at other positions?

Listen in and get all the information you need.