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Daryl Washington to be reinstated come March, Cardinals want him back?

Joe Pequeno of CBS 5 in Arizona has a report.

Atlanta Falcons v Arizona Cardinals

There is not much going on with the Arizona Cardinals right now, so news is being created.

At least, that is what it seemed like with Mike Jurecki's report on Carson Palmer and now, this from CBS 5's Joe Pequeno, who dropped this bomb today:

First off, what?

Second... Huh?

Third. Why?

Those were the reactions I had when a couple people texted me about this news.

From one person:

"A. Seriously? Dude has been out for 3 years, what are odds he's still got it?

B. How did this dude get this scoop? This could be bogus."

That covers one and two for me.

If Washington is ever reinstated for real, how on earth does anyone know if he can still play? He has been out of the league for three years, he is 30 years old, will turn 31 during the season and hasn't been in football activities in forever.

Also, this is no shot at Pequeno, he is likely just the messenger, but we have heard before Washington is on the path to righteousness. Call me a cynic, but I will wait until the NFL announces his reinstatement, then I will wait until the Arizona Cardinals announce their intentions with their wayward son.

That is all of my thoughts, what do you think?

Kent Somers to the rescue:

From now on, when I cover these stories for RotB, if I write "sauce(s)" instead of source(s) it is done with the intention to show my overall disbelief of the report.

The Hedge:

Enjoy your day.