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What matters at the NFL Combine? Steve Keim let’s us in on his thoughts.

Steve Keim on the NFL Combine.

NFL: St. Louis Rams at Arizona Cardinals Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

During the last week, 98.7 FM had their Newsmakers Week where they have different guests on everyday to enlighten us.

Steve Keim was one of them and he had an interesting take on the NFL Combine, one that I think we knew, but now we know for sure.

From the interview:

“When we go to Indianapolis, I think the two most important things are the interviews at night and the medical information we get.”

“Evaluations are like a pie and there are different pieces of the pie that are important,” he said. “But at the end of the day, the things we generally miss on are the heart and the mind, and that’s when you get to know the player in person and you get to know what drives him. You get to know about their passion, their ability too process information and then, from there, we place a lot of emphasis on the medical side of it.”

This is interesting to me.

We have seen Keim take on “character” and “personality” types early, and injury types later, so obviously there is a piece of the evaluation where they are comfortable to take a risk.

Obviously we will never understand fully, but there seems to be a method to the overall madness on the character thing and the injury thing that they cannot divulge.

I am interested to see how Robert Nkemdiche responds this year, we saw that whatever it was in Jonathan Cooper, it didn’t stick, yet with D.J. Humprhies, it looks like personality wise, it was a solid evaluation.

Yet, there are still questions to whether the on field talent makes sense.

Something we can talk about at a later point.