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Jay Cutler to the Arizona Cardinals?

Peter King thinks the Arizona Cardinals could be the landing spot for the Bears signal caller.

NFL: Chicago Bears at New York Giants Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals are looking for their future starting quarterback.

In fact, their general manager Steve Keim has said as much, that they need to identify their franchise quarterback moving forward.

That is where everything starts to get fun.

According to Peter King of Monday Morning Quarterback and Sports Illustrated fame, maybe the Cardinals have already made that identification and they are waiting for the opportunity to bring that player in.

From King's most recent MMQB article:

Arizona (13th pick in the first round). Name the counter-culture coach who likes to take shots on guys hated by lots of down-the-middle coaches and GMs, who is the biggest proponent of the deep ball of any coach in football, and who may need said deep ball thrower because his quarterback turns 38 this year. I think I just made a Bruce Arians-Jay Cutler marriage—and Arizona can wait until the Bears cut him and sign Cutler for two years and incentives. This doesn’t mean Arizona won’t aggressively scout college kids though.

Jay Cutler.

Maybe those college quarterbacks are not looking so bad now.

Of course, we have seen that Arians would like to work with Cutler in the past and he is the right age, a 33 year old veteran. Which means if the Cardinals did this, we can all go through the need for a young quarterback again in 3-5 years.

Love the offseason.