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Arizona Cardinals have "zero interest" in Jay Cutler

Despite the hypothesizing of Peter King, AZ Central Cards reporter Kent Somers says no way.

NFL: Chicago Bears at New York Giants Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

It usually does not take long for an established voice within the community to come out and speak the truth.

For the Arizona Cardinals and their fans, that voice it typically Kent Somers.

Despite a random hypothesis from Peter King that Jay Cutler would end up in Arizona as the Cardinals back up in 2017 then take over in 2018, there is, allegedly, no truth to that rumor.

From Somers:

This is interesting because it is the first definitive no we have seen this offseason in which the Arizona Cardinals have been linked to basically every quarterback that could be available this offseason.

Which draws my attention, why debunk this theory?

Is it because King is such a large voice? Note, that King never said he is hearing or has heard or has sauces, he just hypothesized.

Meanwhile, Jason La Caforna said the Arizona Cardinals are interested in Tyrod Taylor... Despite the fact Taylor is not even a free agent yet and, you know, tampering.

So why this one?

Anyways, that was a hot debate for 24 hours, huh?