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Kevin Minter would like to come back to Arizona Cardinals

The inside linebacker was on SiriusXM NFL and had a great interview.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

For the Arizona Cardinals, free agency is about not only finding pieces to fill needs, it is also about bringing players back who helped contribute to their 20 wins over the last two seasons.

One of those key players is Kevin Minter, the linebacker who just finished his fourth year as an Arizona Cardinal and is a member of the first draft class of the Steve Keim regime.

One way you grade the overall effectiveness of a draft is by those you retain to second contracts. While the Arizona Cardinals have had the opportunity to sign Minter to a new contract, they have not yet done so.

He would however like to return to the Arizona Cardinals.

His last statement in the tweet, that he is curious to find out what is in free agency reads to me like he knows he will get a chance to find a new place to play. Maybe the Cardinals have told him to go out and find something better than an offer they have made, or maybe they have said nothing at all.

One place that would make sense for Minter is the New York Jets. He said as much in his interview.

Just reading between the lines, but the Arizona Cardinals could be looking for a new inside linebacker as well as a new safety if both Minter and Tony Jefferson are on their way out.