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Talking Arizona Cardinals free agent needs and why Jay Cutler would have made sense

Rise Up, See Red and enjoy the newest episode of the Arizona Cardinals podcast.

New Orleans Saints v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

The news was a swift rise and fall of the internet, but for one shining day, the internet was a buzz, both positively and negatively, about the prospects of Jay Cutler being the next veteran quarterback of the Arizona Cardinals.

Sadly, those rumors were squashed quickly, but the fervor it created shows the complete absurdity that comes with finding an NFL quarterbacks.

Here is what we know:

The Arizona Cardinals have zero options post Carson Palmer on their roster.

No one likes the quarterbacks in this draft class (fans).

No one wants to trade for a quarterback (fans).

No one wants to sign any free agents (fans).

It is this mentality which creates the confusion. If the Cardinals need a quarterback post Palmer, why wouldn’t any quarterback that is good, with NFL success be an option? Why does no one want a young quarterback, but also do not want a veteran quarterback?

From there we talked about the needs of the team heading into free agency, leaving names out of it, just talking positions.

All of that and more on the newest episode of Rise Up, See Red.