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Washington Redskins plan on going after Calais Campbell in free agency

The Arizona Cardinals will have plenty of competition for the veterans services.

NFL: Washington Redskins at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We all know it is coming.

There will certainly be a day where the Arizona Cardinals are without Larry Fitzgerald, Patrick Peterson, and Calais Campbell.

However, for some it will be much sooner than others, starting with Calais Campbell's venture into free agency in 2017.

In fact, names are already starting to trickle out about who may be interested in Calais Campbell.

The first name on the board was the Denver Broncos, from there other teams have been bandied about, but on Saturday for the first time, I saw a team that made sense.

If the Skins want to pursue Campbell, well they have the means to do so.

Over the Cap has the Skins at just over $58 million in cap space, which is about $26 million more than Arizona.

Add in that the Skins feel like they are close to competing in the NFC and they are a dangerous team to be bidding against.