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John Clayton predicts massive paydays for Chandler Jones and Calais Campbell

The Arizona Cardinals are going to have some expensive free agent decisions to make.

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals are about to embark on free agency for the 2017 NFL season, only 11 days away, and they have some moves that need to be made.

Two of the biggest names on the free agency lists in the NFL are Chandler Jones and Calais Campbell.

The Arizona Cardinals could use both back, but will likely only be bringing back one of those players, especially after John Clayton’s ESPN Insider article on his guess on what their salaries will be for 2017.

Jones is Clayton’s third ranked free agent, from the article:

Projected contract: One year, $17,035,200 total (franchise tag)

Cardinals coach Bruce Arians said it best. If the Cardinals can't get a lucrative deal done with Jones, they will franchise-tag him. Pass-rushers as talented and productive as Jones are hard to find.

That franchise number likely means Jones is getting paid as a defensive end, something I asked about the other day, which is a couple million extra, something the Arizona Cardinals really do not have right now.

Especially with his projections on Calais Campbell:

Projected contract: Three years, $31.5 million total

If the Cardinals franchise Chandler Jones, it will be hard for them to keep Campbell, who becomes the best 3-4 defensive end on the market. He has 56.5 career sacks and had a great season in 2016 (eight sacks, two forced fumbles).

Slightly over $10 million a year, with Jones’ number at $17 million means... The Arizona Cardinals have about $5 million left to spend.

That is the decision the Arizona Cardinals face, if those are the salaries the Arizona Cardinals top two free agents are expecting, it is going to be interesting to watch how the Cardinals fill the rest of those needs.

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