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Peter King does not understand the backlash on Jay Cutler to the Arizona Cardinals... Neither do I

King talked about Cutler and the Arizona Cardinals and people lost their minds.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Chicago Bears Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Last week Peter King wrote why he thought, not what he was hearing, not that something was imminent, not that his “sauces” had told him the Arizona Cardinals were looking at, that he thought Jay Cutler to the Arizona Cardinals would happen.

In turn, it created an array of hate filled takes for one of the franchises with the richest worst quarterback histories in the NFL.

Why would the Cardinals want a quarterback who has won in the NFL, more than Carson Palmer did before he got to Arizona, has succeeded statistically and stylistically would be one of the five best fits in the Bruce Arians passing attack?

King asked the same question in his MMQB:

I think I have just one word, and one punctuation mark, for those who disagree with me about the Cardinals and Jay Cutler being a good match: Why? (A few more words, actually …) A good media friend of mine emailed me after I’d suggested it last Monday and said, in essence, That makes no sense. I’m trying to figure all of this out. Bruce Arians calls more deep throws than anyone else in football. Cutler throws a great deep ball. There’s a good chance Cutler will be on the street in two weeks. Carson Palmer turns 38 in December. I understand Cutler’s an acquired taste (translation: he’s not well-liked), and many fans hate him. But my only question is: Who’d you rather have as a backup to Palmer—Drew Stanton or Cutler?

Clearly Cutler elicits some strong emotions, but for a team desperate for a 2018 option at quarterback, you wonder why Arizona Cardinals fans are so anti-Cutler.

Would I say pay Cutler a substantial amount of money? No.

Should the Cardinals give up any assets for Cutler? No.

This only works if the Arizona Cardinals get him cheap for two years and he knows he is the backup. However, if that all happens, I do not see how that is a bad thing.