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Adrian Peterson released: Should the Arizona Cardinals be interested in the veteran as a David Johnson backup?

If the price is right, should the Arizona Cardinals consider Peterson?

With the announcement that Adrian Peterson has been released by the Minnesota Vikings, an end to an era has come.

Arizona Cardinals fans have obsessed over Peterson since the team passed on him in the 2007 NFL Draft for Levi Brown.

The obsession continued over his career, as Cardinals fans would point to whatever Peterson was doing on the field whenever Levi Brown gave up a sack and especially lamented the missed opportunity when Brown was traded for pennies on the dollar.

Even as short as two years ago, the yearning for Peterson as an Arizona Cardinal never subsided, as there were believers that the Cardinals should trade their 2015 second round pick in exchange for Peterson, his mileage and contract.

Thankfully, Steve Keim’s level head prevailed, the Arizona Cardinals selected David Johnson in the third round and the Vikings have been struggling to find a balance with Peterson and their quarterbacks.

In his final season, ravaged by injury, Peterson averaged 1.9 yards per carry and the Vikings have finally moved on... Maybe.

The door has been left open by Peterson that he would return in Minnesota, but you have to wonder if that is what he wants, knowing that there wasn’t much of a fit with the offense anymore.

In fact, you wonder how many teams would be willing to invest not just the money, but the spot on the roster for Peterson for a 32 year old running back coming off injury and his worst season ever.

While I strongly believe the Arizona Cardinals will have zero interest, you wonder, if Peterson was to find himself on the street in free agency come July, if that would be the type of option that would entice the Cardinals. Clearly he’ll be nothing more than a backup to David Johnson, but he would offer a different style and running ability than Johnson would.

The chances are slim, but if July rolls around and Peterson is available, unlikely, would you want the Cardinals to kick the tires?

What about now?